80-year-old woman Runs Mumbai Marathon in Saree

Image credit: Instagram/@Dimple Mehta Fernandes

Old age is not a disease. A positive mindset brings positive things. Positive thoughts, willpower, self-confidence, and hard work can help fulfill your dream at any age. After all, age is only a number.

Living by this mindset, an 80-year-old lady, Bharati Jitendra Pathak, surprised everybody by participating in the 18th Tata Mumbai Marathon on Sunday. What caught everyone’s attention and admiration was that she ran the marathon in Saree.

Over 50,000 people participated in the iconic Tata Mumbai Marathon. The participants included youngsters, children, specially-abled people, and even senior citizens.

People showed their admiration for Bharati Pathak by commenting on Social media- “Wow, what an inspiring sweetheart she is!” “Congrats Nani. Great going. Keep it up. ” “Inspiration for the young generation. ” “So inspiring and happy to see her run. Age is just a number!!”.

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