The First Female Indian Army Officer to Serve in Special Force: Deeksha C. Mudadevannanavar 

Image Source: DNA

Captain Deeksha C. Mudadevannanavar has made history by becoming the first female officer to be commissioned into the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment’s top special forces outfit. A native of Davangere in Karnataka, she joined the MH Golconda of the Indian Army through Short Service Commission in October 2019. As a member of the National Cadet Corps, she underwent MOBC training at the Army Medical Corps Center in Lucknow and was posted as a Medical Officer with a Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) battalion.

Captain Deeksha underwent extensive training with the special forces operatives and was later selected for the Special Forces in December 2022, despite being injured during her previous attempts to enlist. Interestingly, she attempted twice to enlist in the Parachute Regiment but was rejected both times due to inadequate physical capabilities. However, her commanding officer, Colonel Shivesh Singh, inspired her to sign up for the military again, and she eventually made it through the Paratrooper selection process.

As a medical doctor, Captain Deeksha’s role will be crucial in providing assistance to troops during special operations. Medical officers in special forces units have been closely associated with special operations in the past, and her training with special forces troops will enable her to handle any medical emergencies during operations.

Captain Deeksha’s achievement is a significant step towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Indian armed forces. It will inspire more women to join the military and serve their country with pride and honor.

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