The Identity: The Journey of the Liberation of a Woman


‘The Identity’ is a Malayalam movie directed by Dr Chandra Vadhana R and is about the journey of the liberation of a woman from her household restrictions to finding an identity of her own.

Showing something as a movie is a better way to make any point sink into the minds of people. This visual media is better than informing something to someone verbally. This point is proved true in the 2022 Malayalam movie ‘The Identity’ directed by our beloved CEO Dr Chandra Vadhana R.

The movie ‘The Identity’ is a beautiful depiction of a journey of the liberation of a woman from the limitations and restrictions of her house to a bigger world and finding an identity of her own, with the help of Prayaana Labs.  

The movie starts with the main character Devi working in the kitchen. Devi represents countless homemakers in our society who have been out of their jobs for years. Like countless other women, Devi also had no hope of returning to her career and was looked down upon by even her children and husband. She has to suffer verbal humiliation by her family and physical and sexual harassment by her husband.

This is when Dr Chandra Vadhana and Prayaana Labs come into her life. Devi’s life is changed with the help of Prayaana Lab’s ‘Back To Career’ program which helps numerous homemakers and women on a break from their careers to get back on their feet and find a career.

This movie is not just a promotional video of Prayaana Labs. It is a ray of hope. It tells all women out there that they have a spark inside them that they need to recognize and bring out. It urges you to look inside a simple homemaker and recognize the hidden talents in her.

The movie talks about relevant subjects like physical and sexual abuse. There are numerous women out there who are silently enduring abuse because they have nowhere else to go and they are not self-reliant. This movie tells us how financial independence is essential for a woman and what kind of changes it can bring in her life. The level of respect a woman who stands on her own feet and a homemaker get in their life is often different and the movie displays that at a point.

At the end of the movie, Devi gets a fabulously changed life; thanks to her talents that were always present in her. Prayaana Labs was just a medium to bring it out from her. With this, the movie tells each woman that they all have talents within them. They just need to recognize it and have a support system to be able to bring it out of themselves.

And despite not being from a film background Dr Chanda Vadana R has directed this movie excellently. The acting is also done very well by the actors, and all other technical aspects of the movie are pretty good as well without leaving behind any traits of amateurship.

‘The Identity’ is a must-watch movie for not just every woman, but everyone who wants to support women in their career and growth in life. 

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