The old mother and son: a moment frozen forever


Cindu Vijay wrote on Facebook about her experience

Mother and son

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Here is a Facebook post by Cindu Vijay where she talks about her experience of seeing a mother and son. 

I walked past the Titan showroom this evening.  A mother and son suddenly caught my eye. The mother in her seventies casually clad in a nylon saree stretched her hand to the showroom attendant who was putting on her watch as the son well into his 40s with slightly greying hair clad in shorts and a T-shirt leaned over the glass counter…watching it…there was so much of warmth in the gesture. Probably the mom didn’t want the gift but the warmth which he took his time to spend with the mother…the gesture made her beam…

I wanted to go in and get a snap…but withheld…the frozen moment was so beautiful to just savor… I walked on with tears in my eyes…some moments are so precious…

-A Facebook post by Cindu Vijay

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