The Supreme Court’s Fight Against Gender Stereotypes

Supreme Court Gender Stereotype Cases
Image Credit: Vibhushita Singh

India’s Chief Justice DY Chandrachud announced a groundbreaking initiative on August 16—a “Handbook on combating Gender Stereotypes” by the Supreme Court. This guidebook aims to eradicate gender biases in court judgments and legal language, signaling a move towards fairness and equality.

CJI Chandrachud highlighted the handbook’s purpose: eliminating gender-biased words and expressions from legal discourse. This tool provides judges and legal professionals with a glossary of unjust gender terms, offering alternatives that foster unbiased language in pleadings, orders, and judgments. The handbook’s benefits extend to both lawyers and judges, creating a more inclusive legal landscape.

The handbook takes aim at prevalent stereotypes about women, exposing their inaccuracy and potential to distort legal interpretations. By raising awareness against harmful stereotypes, the handbook enlightens on what stereotypes are, striving to change mindsets within the legal realm.

In a step toward justice and progress, the Supreme Court initiative challenges deep-rooted gender prejudices and empowers legal professionals to choose language that reflects unbiased perspectives.
Re-reported from the article originally published in The Quint

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