The Vent To My Rage

Ipick up my phone and open google to do some research for my project, when I see the news with the title – “ Hathras Gang rape…”not ‘another girl brutally raped’, not ‘ Justice for rape’ just -HATHRAS, and then I see the most disgusting, idiotic and opportunist statement that could be made by any government official: “What happened in Hathras, would not be tolerated in Maharashtra”. Not in Maharashtra, my foot. I seriously can’t believe how people can upvote cities and parties in such a scenario.

How can one even think of driving politics in such a humanitarian situation. We are a nation, which calls itself developing. Ha, are we really? In a place,

where CMs quote how a rape is the subjective problem of a city; Are we really, in a place where our laws rule us, and not become a limitation; Are we really, in a place where drugs cases are overwhelming such an action? Are we really a democracy, when innocent families are locked and barricaded and cops are allowed to burn a victim with no further investigations? Are the people out there really rebels and protestors when they tend to realize that it very well could have been one of them, or someone from their family, or a friend or a roommate. And yet we have totally inhumane people who have callous intentions, to so called ‘ignore negativity’. Let me ask you, what is negativity? Is ignoring it better for you, because your mentality can’t even address an assault that someone had to go through? And then we have people talking about being safe.Really? How can someone ever be safe in a country where such issues are so taboo that they haven’t even been addressed by our PM once?

In India where a rape is reported every 15 minutes, most assaults don’t even make news. I don’t understand how death penalties, would be enough for such an offense? We call ourselves the peace nation, what are we saving the peace for? Are we waiting for more daughters to get raped? When soldiers can be tortured for months trying to protect the country, we call it fair enough to just end the life of such harassers within pleasure of seconds? The government has to take into notice what to do for such assaulters before we worry about, which official was faced with ‘reckless behaviour’, which actor is promoting nepotism or simply lighting candles for her peace. Her peace would be justice; her peace would be the moment when our mouths convey her screams, her peace would be when her assaulters are punished in a way; that no one can think about wrongly touching another individual. I hope the peace is clear now!

Ms. Disha Nischal

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