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Have you seen the inventory managers of every factory and big company struggling to fix up their stock records and inventory details just nearing the year-end? Mostly, in organizations, this exercise gives a lot of insights: How much money is wasted on what? Are we buying stock properly? How efficiently the stock and raw materials are being used etc?

Imagine, if we can do something similar to our lives. Have you attempted it? Let me simplify!

It’s December and a year-end already. Well, technically we are a year older. As we navigate this life, as we age, do we get better? Or do we get bitter?

How do we take stock of our life journey? I think stocktaking happens by understanding our happiness levels. Are we happy in all aspects of our life? Are we progressing in all aspects of our life? Are we healthy in all these aspects?

I am herewith sharing a framework that I use to review my past year. I try to look at my life over all these 8 areas and see how much I achieve. A wholesome life is that which has positive scores in all these eight areas.

Happy Life Framework by Dr.CeeVee

1. Physical health & fitness:

Our body does age. But does it age proportionately or disproportionately? What new thing did we do to be more physically fit? Are we feeling better than the year before or more difficult than the year before? What are our physical fitness parameters? Are our muscles strengthening or weakening? Have we undertaken tougher or milder physical activity than before? What new physically strenuous activity did we do in the past year?

2. Mental Health & Wellness:

Just like the physical body, what changes did we undergo inside our mind? Do we have better mental health or are we struggling with mental health? Did we face depression, or did we stay happy through last year? What percentage of days did we spend in happiness and sadness?

3. Intellectual Growth:

Are we growing intellectually? What new intellectually stimulated exercise did we do last year? Did we create something new with our own intelligence? Did we make progress in our intellectual pursuits? Did we make new nerve connections in your brain? What new skill/hobby/activity did we undertake in the past year?

4. Relationship Health:

How is our relationship health going on? Are we making new friends? Are we exiting toxic relationships and unworthy relationships? Are we able to handle relationship issues better? Have we made progress in our relationship goals? Are we happy in our relationships? What about our love life? Sex life? Are we happy with it?

5. Spiritual Health:

How are we evolving as spiritual beings? What new spiritual resources and tools have we learned or tried in the past year? Are we being happy about our spiritual journey?

6. Financial Health:

Are you making enough money to meet your needs and wants? Are you achieving the goals that you had set? Are you able to save money as intended? Are you able to spend money as intended? Are you happy with your financial health?

7. Lifestyle Growth & Quality of Life:

What was the lifestyle we wanted to achieve in the past year? What activities, adventures, and luxuries did we want? And what were we able to achieve? Did we attempt anything new in your life? Did we travel to new places? Did we have new experiences? Did we try new food?

8. Contribution & Impact:

What new contributions as a person were we able to do to this world in the past year? How many people or any living being was we able to impact directly or indirectly? Are we growing in our careers? Or are we stuck in our careers? Is our career aligned to our vision of impact?

I think the above 8 categories are more important than fame and achievements, specifically material achievements that we might have got in the past year. We as human beings have a right to happiness and growth every year of our life. And every year-end, spend some time ruminating over your past year over these aspects. Jot down in your journal, a list of positives and negatives of the year; the learnings and evolutions of the year, and the profit and loss of the year.

Yes, do take a stock of your life journey!

And then, set new goals, sail a new path if needed, and embark fresh for the next year!

I really hope that you have evolved better in 2022 and are getting ready for a new, thrilling 2023!

Stay Happy!

Universal Love and Abundance,


Dr. CeeVee is the pen name of Dr Chandra Vadhana R, Founder of Prayaana Collective

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