This dentist turned entrepreneur launched a clean beauty brand safe for the planet


A dentist with a passion for clean and transparent beauty, Dr Merin Liza Jacob launched Green And Beige, a skin, body, and hair care brand focused on sustainability.

It was her toddler’s skin condition that led the dentist, Dr Merin Liza Jacob, to experiment on skincare products. She was a consumer who always looked at the labels of products before buying them. And as an environmental lover, she did not like some of the ingredients on the skincare products that were harmful to the environment and other life forms. Also, she did not like the fact that some brands were not true to their labels, and some hid the ingredients used in them. So, she started to mix her own skincare products with the help of her knowledge in chemistry and home remedies.

That is how she stepped into entrepreneurship and the brand ‘Green and Beige’ came to being. Initially, she started by taking her products to the flea markets of the city. But the response she got was very good and that is how the brand got into a larger market. Her aim was only one thing, a clean brand that was not harmful to the environment and was true to its labelling.

Merin and her family did not want to lose their philosophy and transparency at any point in their business. And hence they launched their R&D unit in Bengaluru to ensure they were in complete control of each formulation and each ingredient.

Merin says Bengaluru is the best place for her business. “South India traditionally has always been more partial to natural and clean products that are safe for us as well as the environment. Today, while we do retail nationally, Bengaluru and the rest of Southern India contribute more to our sales. However, we are also seeing piquing interest from customers across the country – from the Northeast to Uttarakhand and Rajasthan,” she says.

Green and Beige offer a variety of products in body care, hair care, and face care. In its body care range, Green and Beige offer a rich body butter, an armpit mask, a soothing body lotion and an exfoliating coffee scrub. Its face care range is one of the first to offer Blue Light protection, which Merin says, is a must-have as we spend long hours in front of digital screens. The haircare range is developed on the philosophy that a healthy scalp is essential to have healthy hair.

Merin elaborates, “The clean beauty philosophy allows people to live a sustainable life through the product and brand choices they make. It’s about using fewer resources – resources that are replenished and do not harm the human skin but also our planet. It’s a way of life that respects all creatures on the planet and, more importantly, care for the earth holistically.”

Green and Beige is an online brand available on its D2C website and also on marketplaces like Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon, Vanity Wagon, Sublime Life, Clean beauty, Zoobop, and You care.

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