Though beauty is skin deep

Every culture had its way to pamper the skin. In Indian texts, there is a detailed description of how Panchali, known for her ravishing beauty had her strict beauty regime, and the historical figure Cleopatra is famous for her meticulous skincare. Whatever and wherever it was, the basic care of the skin included three steps. They are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, andexfoliating. These are the fundamental steps of beauty care to have that beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.


Step 1. Double cleanse: First, use a face wash to dissolve excess dirt and makeup. Then with a waterbased cleanser clear out all dirt. You can also use raw milk.

Step 2. Exfoliate:A suitable scrub removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin smooth and primed enabling the skin to hold moisture.

Step 3. Steam: Steam your face to open the skin pores. This will remove your whiteheads and blackheads.

 Step 5. Mask:Choose a mask, based on your skin type- preferably a home-made one.

Step 6. Hydrate: You could add a drop of oil in your moisturizer ( for dry skin )which will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth with a healthy glow.

Step 7. Morning makeup routine:

First, do a cleansing, and then apply a toner. After a few minutes, apply sunscreen. These are the basics of well-protected skin. And whatever you do further is according to your discretion and your perception of how you want to look. You can keep it simple by just applying kajal to bring more liveliness and sharpness to the eyes. Or you can further enhance the eyes using eyeliner and mascara. Your lips also fall to the same rule. You can leave the lips bare, or use just a lip gloss to have that simple sexy look. But remember the skin comes first!



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