Top 5 Skills to have in 2022 for having passive income


In this article, I will be throwing light on the skills which hold utmost importance in today’s era. Passive income means you put effort initially and you get the rewards later on as well.

1. Content creation

You can start your own website where you can write blogs or even start a YouTube channel where you can post the videos. According to your choice and likes, you can choose your content or invent one. You will find many YouTube videos which were posted years ago but still they are gaining views and thus generating income. This way you can generate a passive source of income from videos. The content you make must be evergreen. It’s not difficult to get started with this. It doesn’t require any fancy gadgets. Your smartphone is enough for this.

2. Investment

If you invest your money will work for you. You would invest in a passive index fund or you can also invest in mutual funds. You should not worry about the everyday fluctuations of the stock market. You can invest in the stock market and previously it has also Beat inflation. Roughly you will start getting an 8 to 10 percent annual return on what you have invested. Investing small amounts at a young age is much better than investing large sums when you are older.

3. Affiliate marketing

There are various affiliate programs available that you can join and start recommending the products to your connections. Using the application Wazirx, you can copy the link to the referral link they will be giving you of your account and you can send it to your connections or someone else. If somebody uses your link and login into the app to make a transaction you get a 50% Commission. This was one such example and it is very easy. The various options are available to get started with applied marketing like the Amazon affiliate program, Up stock referral program, and many more.

4. Making digital course

You can make your own digital course online and sell it to the people for whom it will be valuable. The course will remain online for a lifetime and you will be having passive income. Marketing plays a very important role while selling the course for which you can use Google ads, email marketing, etc.

5. Selling digital products

You can make your own product and using the same strategies for marketing, you will be successful in earning passive income. For example, you can make an ebook, sell your canvas design templates, and many more ways you can apply.

In the beginning, it might be hard to get started but you should not give up and always be consistent. A Passive income will be yours.

Written By-

Pranali Mahindrakar, Student of BSc. CS, Pune

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