1. History-Making All-Women Crew’s Arabian Sea Triumph: Viral Video
Image Credit: shethepeople

An all-women crew from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force achieved a historic feat, completing a challenging sailing expedition across the Arabian Sea in nearly four weeks. The 12 women officers underwent rigorous training for the ‘Around The World Sailing Competition’ in September. Organized by the Army Adventure Wing and Army Aqua Nodal Centre, the voyage covered 6000 nautical miles, testing their endurance and maritime skills. The successful expedition not only showcased their physical and mental strength but also broke cultural and gender barriers, celebrating the power of women. A viral video capturing their journey is inspiring viewers worldwide.

Source: shethepeople

2. Mercedes-Benz India’s Empowering Ad: Herkey’s LinkedIn Post

Check out this amazing ad from Mercedes-Benz India! It shows how advertising can change how people think and what society expects. The message, “I don’t want to be the only woman. I want to be one of many,” is powerful.


3. TikToker’s Job Interview Sparks Debate

A TikTok user, @chaotic_philosopher, shared her upsetting job interview experience where she was yelled at for asking about accommodations for time blindness. Time blindness can affect people with conditions like ADHD. The interviewer claimed such accommodations don’t exist and criticized her generation. The video sparked discussions on societal attitudes towards disabilities and employment culture. Overall, it highlights the importance of understanding and accommodating diverse needs in the workplace.


4. Discrimination and Tattoos: Sarah’s Experience

A woman, Sarah Hutchinson, known as Joey, has 70% of her body covered in tattoos. She faces discrimination, losing work, and being followed by security guards in shops due to her ink art. Despite being an actress, Sarah gets typecast as a criminal or homeless person because of her tattoos. She regrets some tattoos, like hand tattoos, and struggles with societal judgments. She highlights the stigma attached to tattoos and experiences discrimination, but remains resilient.


5. Bengaluru Woman’s Unusual Phone Use on Scooter: A Viral Video

A video of a Bengaluru woman talking on the phone while riding a scooter went viral. Originally shared on Instagram and reposted on X, the clip shows her wrapping her phone with cloth around her ear. @3rdEyeDude, who shared the video, found it amusing but questioned the safety aspect. The woman’s unconventional method of using her phone while riding sparked varied reactions.

Source: Hindustan Times

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