Dr. Pranaya Bagde

Dr.Pranaya Badge is a Maharashtrian who has been living in Kerala for the past 12 years is a business woman and a multifaceted personality. Founder and Director of Insight Derma Clinic in Panampilly Nagar, Cochin. Dr. Pranaya is the first and only Indian Dermatologist to receive the Early Career Scientist Award as ‘Young Psycho-dermatologist’ at Meeting of European Society of Dermatologists and Psychiatrists (ESDaP) 2019, in Germany.  She holds Fellowship in Psychodermatology (Barts Health NHS Trust, London), Dermoscopy Mumbai and Cosmetology & Dermatosurgery (Pune) and is a Faculty Speaker at National and International Conferences of Dermatology. She is a reviewer in Indian and International journals in Dermatology, founder executive committee member of Psychodermatology Association of India (PDAI) and a keen researcher in exploring Psychodermatology and Functional Medicine.

An artist at heart who loves reading, writing, abstract painting, singing and travel, she also have shown her talent as an RJ, at the AIR Rainbow FM, Kochi. She keeps on exploring medicine, human mind and nature and represented Kerala in ‘Dermatalent’

Magazine of IADVL. Dr.Pranaya  landed in Kerala for her post graduate MD course at Government TD medical college and have worked in Government Medical Colleges, Private and Corporate sectors in the state.

“In India, we have associated stigma to skin and mental health problems. With increasing prevalence of these conditions, provision of a one stop healthcare is much needed initiative. With this thought, we founded Insight Derma Clinic: Skin | Hair | Mind” –  she says.  Insight Derma Clinic is a unique destination where healthcare services are provided in interconnected fields of skin, mind and lifestyle diseases. It is one among the fewest Psycho-dermatology and Functional Medicine Clinics in India. Insight Derma Clinic practices evidence based medicine and treat a person’s health as a whole being.

The clinic exclusively have Cosmetic dermatology procedures and Hair Transplant surgery departments in addition to General Dermatology, Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Their expert team includes Dr.Pranaya herself, (Consultant Dermatologist , Psychologist and Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon), Dr Sarada Sreedevi Amma (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Manjunath Sukumaran(Certified Health Coach).

SHE SIGHT wishes her more success in the coming years!

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