Tribal Women's Art Exhibition
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Madhya Pradesh’s Tribal Women Artists Shine Alongside Picasso in Italy Exhibition

Three talented tribal women artists from Madhya Pradesh proudly showcased their artworks alongside renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso at an exhibition held in Italy.

Presenting their distinctive creations were Padma Shri awardees Jodhaiya Bai, known for her Baiga paintings, Bhuri Bai, a distinguished Bhil painter, and Lado Bai. Their works were featured at the Palazzina Trombini Museum in Milan, Italy’s capital.

This groundbreaking opportunity marked the first time that tribal women artists from Madhya Pradesh had the chance to exhibit their paintings alongside Picasso’s masterpieces. While Picasso’s works have been displayed alongside those of artist MF Hussain in Sao Paulo, Brazil, back in 1971, it’s notable that these tribal painters were previously unfamiliar with Picasso’s influential artworks depicting African tribes from 1906 to 1909.

The exhibition showcased a total of 70 artworks, featuring prominent figures of 20th-century art like Kandinsky, Mirò, and contemporary authors, alongside visionary artists from Italian and international Art Brut movements. Notably, it also marked the debut of Indian tribal art in Italy, a development enthusiastically promoted by Bhopal’s Padmaja Srivastava. According to Srivastava, the exhibition prominently featured seven paintings by Jodhaiya Bai, two by Bhuri Bai, and one by Lado Bai.

Repurposed article originally published in Free Press Journal

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