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Do you find yourself tossing countless plastic bottles into the recycling bin? Before you do, discover 17 brilliant ways to repurpose them, saving both time and money.

  1. Soothe Tired Feet: Freeze a water bottle and roll it under your arches for a refreshing foot massage, reducing inflammation and tightness.
  2. Egg White Separator: Use an empty water bottle to effortlessly separate egg whites by squeezing the bottle over the yolk, creating a vacuum effect.
  3. Water-Saving Toilet Hack: Cut utility bills by filling a plastic bottle with water and placing it in the toilet tank to displace water volume.
  4. Boot Shape Savers: Slide an empty 1-liter bottle into tall boots to maintain their shape and prevent unsightly creases.
  5. Stale Food Prevention: Create airtight containers for pantry staples by washing and filling recycled plastic water bottles, allowing easy visibility of contents.
  6. Portable Tool Tote: Cut the top off a 2-liter bottle, wrap duct tape around the bottom, and fill it with project tools for a convenient, on-the-go toolbox.
  7. DIY Dog Chew Toy: Repurpose old jeans by cutting a leg, inserting a plastic bottle, knotting the ends, and creating a crinkling chew toy for your pup.
  8. Perfect Picture Frame Hanging: Use a plastic olive oil bottle or water bottle as a makeshift level to ensure straight picture frame placement.
  9. Plastic Bag Organizer: Cut the bottom off a 2-liter bottle, remove the cap, and use it to neatly store and dispense plastic bags.
  10. Under-Counter Food Scrap Basket: Repurpose a large plastic bottle to create a basket that sits under the counter, reducing mess and making clean-up a breeze.
  11. Mess-Free Craft Time: Turn empty bottles into mini paint palettes for kids, keeping colors contained during art projects.
  12. Self-Watering Plants: Ensure your houseplants thrive while you’re away by filling clean plastic bottles with water and nesting them in the soil.
  13. Bird Feeder Refiller: Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle to scoop and funnel bird seeds into feeders without spills.
  14. Fruit Fly Trap: Combat fruit flies by filling a bottle with apple cider vinegar and dish soap, trapping them inside.
  15. Umbrella Drip Catcher: Prevent entryway puddles by using a cut-off plastic bottle as an inverted holder for wet umbrellas.
  16. Makeshift Funnel: Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle to create an impromptu funnel for kitchen tasks.
  17. DIY Sprinkler Fun: Repurpose 2-liter bottles by cutting slits and attaching a hose nozzle, creating an affordable DIY sprinkler for kids on hot days.

Discover the endless possibilities of reusing plastic bottles for a more efficient and sustainable household!

Re-reported from the article originally published in The First for Women

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