Hope you are contented,
as now your destructing streaks have ended.
You had overpowered my creations,
During fighting amongst your nations.
You had cleared all my rations,
Having a strange mankind fascination.
Some call this my revenge,
others call it my time for healing.
Sit back for a while!
Because now your sins, I will be dealing.
The poor birds which had forgotten how to fly,
now chirp and glide across the sky- so high!
Hear them, and feel in a cage,
I was done darling, so I turned the page.
I was your mother, you should have treated me like one,
well you couldn’t – so now go home and SIT.
My true children are back, the ones who showed me their love.
The ones you killed in a sack those hens, goats, crows, and
The sky is clear once again,
The River flows with the symphony.
The sounds around are back to being sane,
Those trees grow, which were once cleared for just money…
You sent me axes, knives, bombs, and cranes
I returned your favor by clearing down those lanes.

Till you get your retribution
You all should be seated, once you get the solution
Come out and treat me the way- I should be treated.

-Disha Nishchal is a budding poet building her way unto intellectual and awakening thoughts. Disha has always been a firm believer in words being mightier than the sword. A dreamer, thinker, and debater, she has always been the epitome of powerful communication.

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