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Hardships, pain, suffering, longing, and despair.

All of the world’s most battling problems right now and yet; the piercer, the one thing which gets us through it all, has always been the same.

Hope is the ability to see that there is light despite all the darkness.

That doesn’t make the dark any less intimidating than it is; however it gives us strength and spirit to stand and get through, and that matters the most.

In times where age, race, class, gender, ethnicity, and religion- all fall short in front of the pandemic, the most compelling thing is the beauty of how hope is universal and beyond all these human boundaries.

It isn’t about ignoring reality and wishing for the best. It is about choosing what to accept which will make you have faith in a better tomorrow. Which will let your faith become bigger than your fear.

We don’t want these times filled with fear, distances, hiding, and differences.

We don’t want the old times which had selfishness and created the pandemic itself.

We have to build a new approach for the world, which has the flowers of hope blooming across in gardens of joy and contentment.

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Hope and faith are not only in the almighty, but it is also in people, in humanity, in kindness, in
change, and most importantly in ourselves.

-Disha Nishchal is a budding poet building her way unto intellectual and awakening thoughts. Disha has always been a firm believer in words being mightier than the sword. A dreamer, thinker, and debater, she has always been the epitome of powerful communication.