Vrikshasana – The Balancing Posture

Kids in today’s life and age are overly distracted by TV, mobiles and new gadgets. They are overly exerted with the new age of ‘online classes’. In this situation, introducing them to a bit of yoga from a young age itself will keep their body and mind healthy. 

Vrikshasana is a balancing asana. It is one of the very few standing poses in medieval hatha yoga and remains popular in modern yoga as exercise. The name ‘Vrksasana’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘vṛkṣa’ meaning tree, and ‘asana’ meaning posture. As the name suggests this yoga posture replicates the steady stance of a tree. Unlike most yoga poses, the Tree Pose requires keeping our eyes open in order to maintain body balance.

Vrikshasana brings a balance and equilibrium to one’s mind, leaving the mind in a rejuvenated state. It helps in concentration. By doing this tree pose, kids with their flexible bodies can stay more flexible. This will help them develop a better level of concentration that will help them in other areas of life as well. 

This posture stretches  the legs, back and arms. This also strengthens  our legs, knees, tendons and ligaments of the feet and tones the muscles on our legs. It improves the balance and opens up the hips.

The method to do Vrikshasana is as below :

  • Make them stand tall and straight with arms by the side of their body.
  •  Bend their right knee and place the right foot high up on their left thigh. The sole should be placed flat and firmly near the root of the thigh. They can use the help of their hands in placing the leg in the right position. 
  •  Make sure that the left leg is straight. Allow them to find their balance.
  • Once they are well balanced, let them take a deep breath in, gracefully bring your palms together up over their head in ‘Namaste’ mudra (hands-folded position).
  • They must look straight ahead, at a distant object. A steady gaze helps maintain a steady balance.
  •  Ensure that their spine is straight. Their  entire body should be taut, like a stretched elastic band. 
  • Let them take long deep breaths. And hold this position for 10-15 seconds. 
  •  With slow exhalation, gently bring down their hands from the sides. Gently release the right leg.
  • Stand tall and straight as you made them at the beginning of the posture. Repeat this pose with the left leg off the ground on the right thigh.

Kindly make sure that this practice should be done under parental guidance in the beginning and do not force the kids to make it a perfect pose. Allow them to have a strain free pose. They can gradually pick up with regular practice.

Although this asana can be done by both kids and adults, this asana is not recommended for those suffering from obesity. In adults, avoid doing this posture if you are suffering from vertigo, migraine, insomnia, low or high blood pressure.

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– Poorna Krishnan



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