I came across a wish list from 15 years ago..

It had the fanciest goals ever and things I lured to know.

The wish list though messy had all the things intact.

It even had my future address and my wedding dress in fact.

It had goals that told me; what I’ll do and with who all,

It had my dream realities and celebrities waiting on the call.

It had bits of my personality and the girl that I should be

It had my travel spots, reserved; from Mountains to the Sea.

It knew what I’ll know and the car that I ‘ll dive,

And then I can’t believe I wrote this wish list when I was five.

It had my future ‘Rich’ and ‘Bold’ with an ambitious thirst.

Even though it all came true, I should’ve written – “Be Happy First”!!

Miss Disha Nischal

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