Woman Awarded £37,000 in Compensation over Menopause Comment Dispute

Woman awarded in menopause
Image courtesy: India Today

Karen Farquharson, a Scottish woman, has been granted compensation of over £37,000 (approximately ₹37 lakh) after her employer accused her of using menopause as an “excuse for everything.” Farquharson had been a long-standing employee at Thistle Marine, an engineering firm, since 1995, earning £38,000 annually before her resignation.

The managing director of Thistle Marine, Jim Clark, reportedly dismissed Farquharson’s menopausal condition and urged her to “just get on with it.” Farquharson took legal action against the company, citing unfair dismissal and harassment, and described her boss as a “dinosaur” who resisted change.

At the age of 49, Farquharson shared her menopausal symptoms, including anxiety, concentration issues, and brain fog, with Clark in August 2021. In December 2022, she worked from home for two days due to heavy snowfall and menopausal bleeding, only to be met with sarcastic remarks from Clark upon her return to the office.

Farquharson’s attempts to explain her condition fell on deaf ears, with Clark dismissing her symptoms as common “aches and pains” and accusing her of seeking money for her wedding during the tribunal.

Although the tribunal panel acknowledged Clark’s admirable qualities as a self-made businessman, they also noted his lack of empathy. They concluded that he had little respect for those who faced health challenges and couldn’t work as hard as he had. Farquharson’s case sheds light on the importance of workplace sensitivity and understanding regarding menopausal symptoms and women’s health issues.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The India Today

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