Kirti Kulhari Applauds Women’s Reservation Bill and Advocates for Gender Equality

Kirti Kulhari on gender equality
Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

Renowned actor Kirti Kulhari recently expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to visit the new Parliament building in Delhi. Reflecting on the experience, she acknowledged the significance of being part of a select group of women invited to attend a Rajya Sabha session. Kulhari’s visit coincided with the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill, which allocates one-third of seats in Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies for women—a historic development that advances gender equality in Indian politics.

Kirti Kulhari, at 38 years old, enthusiastically commended the bill’s passage, underscoring the awakening of gender equality in recent years. For her, feminism entails advocating for equality, and this legislation is a step in that direction.

She emphasized the importance of gender balance in governance, recognizing that it will empower women to represent and fight for gender equality at the highest levels. Kulhari believes that this will ease the path for future generations, sparing them the struggles faced by previous ones.

As a public figure, Kirti Kulhari sees her role in promoting gender equality as vital. She considers her craft as an actor and now a producer to be her strongest tools in representing women’s issues and inspiring change. However, she also defended her right to choose when and how to engage in societal and larger issues, highlighting the pressure on public figures to always voice their opinions.

Kulhari addressed the pervasive societal conditioning that influences perceptions of gender roles in India. She called for increased awareness of these ingrained beliefs and emphasized the need to identify and rectify the flaws in one’s upbringing to foster real change.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Hindustan Times

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