Woman Creates Roommate Dating Profiles

Roommate Dating Profiles
Image Credit : Karuna Tata, Twitter

Innovative Bengaluru Woman Uses Dating Apps to Find Replacement Tenant

A resourceful woman in Bengaluru has taken a unique approach to finding a replacement tenant for her 3BHK flat by setting up a dating profile for the room on various dating apps. Karuna Tata shared her unconventional idea on Twitter, questioning whether it’s a potential startup concept or just a quintessential “peak Bengaluru moment.”

Facing challenges in finding a suitable roommate or tenant in the competitive rental market of Tier 1 cities like Bengaluru, Tata decided to infuse creativity into her quest. Naming her 3BHK flat “Kholi Chaar Sau Bees” (Room number 420) after a famous Bollywood song, Tata crafted a humorous and irresistible profile for the flat.

The dating profile for the room mimicked a human profile with a touch of humor. Describing its location, the room’s bio humorously mentioned its proximity to Bengaluru’s traffic-jammed lanes, with nearby supermarkets and pharmacies. The bio also highlighted the flat’s openness to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, welcoming social smokers and party enthusiasts. Tata even included a witty comment about the room’s aesthetic, stating it is the “Queen of aesthetics” and only needs fairy lights for enhancement.

Although Tata received praise and numerous right swipes for her inventive approach, the Singasandra-based flat is yet to find its perfect match.

Bengaluru, known for its vibrant and diverse culture, has become a hotbed for unconventional experiences. The rising housing prices and the influx of people to the IT-dominated city have led to a plethora of peculiar situations, from bike-taxi drivers with IT jobs to water dispensers listed for exorbitant prices by those moving out.

Karuna Tata’s innovative use of dating apps for flat hunting not only garnered attention on social media but also highlighted the inventive spirit of Bengaluru residents in navigating the city’s peculiar challenges.

Repurposed article originally published in ShethePeople

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