Women Entrepreneur Led Group Develops UrbOx: A Smart & Sensible Oxygen Optimiser For Improved Indoor Air Quality


JLSR Wellness Pvt Ltd launches UrbOx – a one-of-its-kind smart and sensible oxygen optimiser that aims to solve the indoor suffocation issue with pure oxygen.

The UrbOx Group is headed by two women entrepreneurs – Vanita Patel and Nikita Patel – and is managed by its CEO Anand Krishnan. Under their guidance, the company has developed UrbOx to fight the increasing problem of indoor pollution in Indian metros.

UrbOx is designed and developed based on intense research and development efforts of the firm under the Make In India initiative. The Made in India product leverages superior technology to maintain a healthy oxygen level in indoor places. The smart and sensible device is enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning, making it high in accuracy and superior in functionality. Furthermore, its sleek and attractive design makes it a perfect companion for modern homes and offices.

“The increasing amount of air and sound pollution in Indian metros over the past few decades has forced people to conceal themselves indoors. As a result of living in sealed houses or offices for a prolonged time, indoor pollution and subsequent health hazards have emerged as a serious threat. We have come up with UrbOx to deal with this situation. UrbOx is an oxygen generator and optimizer that takes care of the oxygen level in your homes or offices. With UrbOx, people can start living without worrying about indoor air quality affecting their health,” says Anand Krishnan, CEO of UrbOx Group.

UrbOx is on a mission to improve indoor air quality in cities with high levels of air pollution, such as Delhi and Gurugram, along with high-altitude areas where oxygen is at its lowest. It is also looking to build a strong dealers and distributors network across the country. So, if you are worried about living indoors, UrbOx is here for a continuous supply of fresh and pure oxygen.

Credits: ANI

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