Women in Afghanistan: Financial Hardships after being barred from Work

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The recent takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban has resulted in women being banned from working in many parts of the country. This has left many women facing financial hardships and struggling to
support themselves and their families.

In the past, Afghan women have made significant strides in education and employment, with many women working in fields such as healthcare and education. However, under Taliban rule, women have been banned from working in many sectors, and those who continue to work face harassment and violence.

The ban on women working has had a significant impact on their financial independence and their ability to support themselves and their families. Many women who were previously employed have lost their jobs, and those who are unable to find work are struggling to make ends meet.

The Taliban has claimed that it will allow women to work, but under strict Islamic law, which would require them to wear a burqa and be accompanied by a male relative. However, many women are reluctant to work under such conditions, and many employers are hesitant to hire women who are unable to work without the presence of a male relative.

The situation for women in Afghanistan is dire, and urgent action is needed to ensure that women are not left without access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. The international community must work together to provide support to women in Afghanistan and to pressure the Taliban to respect the rights of women and allow them to work and participate in society.

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