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“To create a more diverse and inclusive tech world, we need to inspire and empower the next generation of female role models to pursue and develop their career in technology” – Anna Radulovski. That’s what Women in Tech Boston are offering. It is a great opportunity to make connections and overcome challenges together. The aim of this workshop is to prove that women can dominate the tech industry. 

Women in Tech Boston is a great platform to explore and develop your skills. Gain insight, discover innovative practices and learn new processes in over 20 sessions curated to enhance your soft and technical skills developed by industry heavyweights. Improve community building, meet like-minded women in tech, share ideas, identify role models Find mentors and engage in global discussions and celebrate the power of face-to-face interaction. 

This year the event will be held from 20-21 October at Signature Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre, Boston MA, where women will get a chance to listen to inspirational women’s stories as they deliver actionable insight, guidance, and advice through their expertise in technical sessions and workshops that will supercharge your career. Learn how you can play an important role in creating an inclusive industry that benefits not only you and your organisation but also contributes to a more equitable society from 100+ inspiring tech leaders. 

  • Noorain Sheikh

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