Yes Boss to Yes Covid

It’s Friday evening, most of my colleagues have left and I am too winding up my work from the office and suddenly my boss calls me to have a discussion which took an hour. I am expected to create a strategic presentation to be delivered Monday morning. My Boss gives a smile and politely says, “You know I trust that you will do a wonderful job like always.” I replied, Yes BOSS! 

Within my heart, I am thinking so many things- Am I so good, was this so urgent, why me, do I have skills or all the data available to create this presentation at home? But still, I said Yes Boss so many times without batting an eyelid and tried to deliver the presentation to the best of my abilities. Trust me, most of the time I passed the tests given by my boss with flying colours. 

The moment God which is the highest boss of this universe gave me the result of my test -‘ Shalini You are Covid positive.’ I was retaliated, felt why me? I haven’t stepped out of my house in the last 6 months. Two days later, my whole family was positive and I felt as if this is the end of our world and I can’t handle it. Then came the third report wherein my two kids were also positive and my small world got crashing away in front of my eyes.

At night, a thought came across my mind, Say ‘Yes BOSS to the highest boss of this universe’.

 If I can trust my boss and give my best in a professional setup then how can I not trust the biggest boss of this universe in his professional setup!

If a boss who is a human being just like us, is capable of taking care of our wellbeing by assigning us the task based on his understanding of our capability, how is it possible that the biggest creator of all of us i.e. God, won’t be able to identify my strengths to handle my tasks well? Why am I resisting this flow of the universe?

Life doesn’t give you linear hierarchical promotions like offices set up. It gives you abundant opportunities, many times exponential growth, it may be presently disguised in the form of pain but has a deep potential that can be converted into a new opportunity in the areas which you never even thought of.

As I surrendered, my trust in the highest power got strengthened that whatever is happening it is for my growth and evolution.

 The day I realized this I started saying YES GOD. It’s been 2 months since this realization happened to me. If you see, we lost so much post-Covid and its impact has hit our family. 

But deep down at the bottom of my heart, I now create my gratitude list every night and be thankful for our lives. 

The thoughts which are now part of my newly formed neural network are :

1. Whatever is painful, I am searching for the area of growth.

2. Whatever is good, I am thankful to God for bestowing me with this pleasurable moment. 

3. Whatever I feel is not adding any value to me, I started letting it go. 

4. There is no time for regret, just do what you feel like and go for it.

5. Relationship with myself is most important and I must respect my inner voice.

6. Some people in our lives are worth dying for, always give them your precious time when they need it.

As I started doing this, a deep sense of protection was felt inside me. I feel someone is protecting me every moment I flow within the river called Life.

 There is no resistance, I am not afraid, I am not slower than anyone, I am not in a rush to prove to anyone, I am not jealous of anyone, I don’t feel the need to quickly complete. 

I have started feeling abundance within myself. I am at peace. I am happy while performing the same tasks which were pre covid were like deadly demons to me. The more I surrendered towards my life; my life is now opening me up for more and more possibilities of growth. I understand abundance in the wealth that I am getting with each passing day. The simple step of examining each moment and saying yes to it without feeling the need to be judgmental has put me in the positive mind frame of being in conversation with the larger-than-life force on this Planet.

 I have started feeling united to the abundant energy within myself. By trusting my creator and having faith that he will guide me at the right time, with the right knowledge, right people to help me incorporate the right set of skills so that I can evolve in my current journey.

All the best to all those people who are evolving with me in their fight with Covid. 

Written by

Ms. Shalini Srivastava
Freelance Consultant- Customer Service & Digital Transformation Professional, Mentor 



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