Yoga is defined beautifully as Yoga Chitta Vriti Virodha in our scriptures which also means that yoga will  put a stop to all the modulations of the mind. A daily practice of yoga will restrain  the thought waves in the mind. Yoga means union, that is the union with who we truly are. When we grow up,we start to wear different coats of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, tension, irritation, and what not. Later we become the sum total of these accumulated negative energies. What is yoga?

Yoga is going back to our own being or to our natural state by removing the layers of ignorance that block our natural state. This is one of the methods given by our ancient scriptures to fall back into that joyful and peaceful ‘me’.

Then what is Yoga Chitta Vriti Virodha? How does it lead to the union with our own self ?

The biggest barrier that does not let us unite with our own self and that does not let us know who we truly are, is the – ‘mind’. We all might have noticed that the chattering of the mind always keeps on going in our head. And in all our life we are so stuck in these thoughts that we can never see anything beyond our mind. We can never even imagine, what is there beyond the mind – that stupid mind.

So, then what is Yoga Chitta Vriti Virodha  and what does all these breathing, all these stretching, yoga asanas, poses, pranayama and meditation practice do to us?

These practises help settle our mind down which in turn stops the chattering in our  head. So, once that chattering and noises in the head are stopped for a while, automatically we will be able to see beyond the mind and realise who we truly are. This is self realisation. So it is these thoughts and chattering of our mind that is stopping us from the self realisation. It is just like too many ripples on the surface of a lake forbid us from seeing the depth of the lake. To be able to see the depth of the lake, all you need to do is to allow the ripple to  settle. The moment surface becomes calm, you will be able to see the depth. So, all the yoga practices that we are doing is just to settle the surface, the moment the surface get settled, automatically you get united with the real you. You get united with The Truth – your true nature. And that experience of  the union with our own true  nature  is  called  YOGA.  And  once  you expereince that, you are a happy and joyful, person come what may! So, all these yoga practices are the tools to achieve that union. When we are doing asana practices, we focus and put our attention  on the breath. because then it helps us bring this mind to the present moment so, that Yoga Chitta Vriti Virodha can happen. Ofcourse a good physical health, fitness and flexibility of the body are also the sure outcome of the daily yoga practices