To whom and how

Who knows? Do you? 

I do not. All I know are some highs and a lot of lows.

Not there, where you were never wanted, not there, where you were forever haunted

Not to them, who thought you were lost, you might love them, but at your own cost?

Not to him who gave you nothing but scars

Not to her, who once trapped you behind those bars

Not there, where you could not cry

You might love them, but how much more will you try?

You can go home now 

I will. I will find one

I will be your home for you, I promise, I will find a home,

I will come find you too.

Wander as much as you wish

When you wish to come home, But don’t know where to, or how. You will find me waiting

We will live, my friend

We lived in each other’s heart, we grew different, but never apart I vow

Written By-

Mokshika Sharma
-Age-18 yrs
– City- New Delhi

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