Man Kaur- A 103 Years Old Indian Athlete

Man Kaur

Age is merely a number we keep a track of until we’re old enough to realize it doesn’t matter. Isn’t that right?

When we look at the 103 year old woman, Man Kaur sprinting on the track, nothing else seems to be a more quintessential proof that says age is merely a number and not a limitation.  A native of Patiala in Punjab, Man Kaur is an athlete who runs her way to a track and throws a powerful javelin. She has won umpteenth medals and awards for her extraordinary performances and as she insatiably claims, she is going to win even more and there is no stopping her.

Kaur, also known as the ‘Miracle from Chandigarh,’ began running at the age of 93 and rose to popularity last year after winning the 100-meter sprint at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand. Even today, she brings pride to the country by participating in international championships like American Masters Game, World Masters Athletics, Asian Masters Athletics Championships, Huntsman World Senior Games, and many more.

Recently this year in Poland, Kaur participated in 100 mt, 200 mt, javelin throw and shot put and came back with handful of gold medals to the country. In her career so far, she has worked with immense efforts to win  31 international gold medals and over 13 national golds.

Gurdev Singh, Kaur’s 83 years old son who was into athletics himself, became the motivation of the oldest and fastest woman athlete we see now. Gurdev is not only her motivation; he is also her coach as well as the trainer. He looks after her diet and training meticulously. Even today, her diet includes six rotis made with sprouted wheat, sprouted kala chana, and barley. In addition to this, soy milk, seasonal fruits, juices, and kefir (fermented milk) are included in her diet.

The secret behind Man Kaur’s healthy body, fitness, and positive approach is as old as her childhood days. Kaur exclaims that back in her childhood days, she exercised on a regular basis and had a strong aversion towards unhealthy eating practices.  She says that these innate habits have helped her in leading a life where she has no health ailments in her old age and also advises teenagers to stay clear from junk food and respect their elders.

Man Kaur is not just an athlete taking our country’s name to higher levels; she is also an inspiration to many. With her continuous efforts and sheer determination, she has beautifully proved that a person doesn’t necessarily need to be in their young age to start something new and then excelling in it.

Written By-

Karuna Arora
19 years old Indirapuram, UP

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