Growing Pains

It’s weird how one doesn’t know,
that when did they stop to grow,
or is it just lack of confidence
which unables us to understand the flow

Mental peace lies deep down,
yet gets affected first as if set on crown,
still we don’t let the damage show,
& hide it behind a smile, just like a clown.

women's gray jacket

We’ve developed two faces, is what we feel,
in attempt to save our vulnerability from getting revealed,
For we want our strengths to stay out front,
While the weaknesses shall remain forever sealed.

This is the truth that everyone experiences,
yet feels shy to admit and conceals behind curtains,
in hope to find a peaceful escape,
from life’s hard hitting grievances.

Written By-

Miss Aadya
Age:- 19
Location:- Delhi



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3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. This is WOW! I mean, the way you express your thoughts, it’s commendable!
    Keep it up!!!

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