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While we are celebrating the 73rd anniversary of our country’s independence, for us, women, the freedom to be true, we have much more to go. Yes , we are strongly rooted in family and other cultural values and and long back our women had held the reins too; but now the whole system seems to be messed up.. All said and done, If it was not for a flaw in our current system, we would have had a more emotionally balanced and mentally healthy population and the women would have been much safer in this part of the world. But on the contrary our experience prove otherwise – violence against women in India are on the raise, not to mention domestic violence. Let us voice for a change of this predicament and make sure that we are heard. Every women should realize that her wings are not clipped and it is she and only she who is setting the limit for herself. Spreading her wings doesn’t mean that her family fails and everything is chaos further. In this August issue of The Shesight we have two courageous women who chased their dreams, laws on domestic violence and ceevees column that deals with the stigma on divorce. From this issue onwards we are incorporating ‘his views’ on her too. Our festival seasons are on. It seems that we have to remain aloof for more months till the pandemic is in control let us make sure that all the merriment will be more mindful, safe and secured. Festival wishes and Happy Independence Day from our side!