When it comes to gender equality and inclusion all it seems to be still a far-fetched idea. Knowingly or unknowingly the discrimination prevails in every society causing distress and misery for those at the receiving end. Here is where the eyes of law should come in. Only strong muscles of law and order can prevent this inhumane and barbaric practices from happening. Recently Supreme Court expanded on a Hindu woman’s right to be a joint legal heir and inherit ancestral property on terms equal to male heirs. Now the plans to up the marriage age of girls by bringing up a law is on the table and all these are for the safety and security of the biological woman. But we have the sexual minorities who have just started being considered as humans; homosexuals lived in fear till two years back as they were legally denied existence; the trans genders lived as criminals till the Supreme Court in 2014 recognized transgender rights, officially recognizing them as a third gender. In this September issue we have Laxmi Narayan Tripathy, a vibrant and unyielding trans person who caused the much lauded verdict of 2014 as our cover personality plus our takes on diverse issues that is relevant on the current scenario. Though the pandemic is there around like a lurcher and the time seems depressing with the social network and media coming up with more pessimistic and false projections of a dystopian future, we cannot close our eyes to the resilience and feistiness that is being exhibited by mankind. Life is the best lesson with experience as the teacher; on this teachers day we extend our love and gratitude to all the teachers who taught us to move ahead and face the challenges of life.

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