It has been almost three months, that the world is dragging by itself under the pandemic threat, lock down and many imposed safety restrictions. As the joke goes: the biggest blunder in 2019 was grabbing a 2020 planner – the best laid plans went awry, derailed by the unexpected entry of a teeny weeny virus. Being pitched into hardship and despair, many have come apart at the seams and the worst was the deprivation of ‘freedom’ that has been caused by this viral infection. But no matter what, life is happening around us, though, not the way, we wanted it to happen. As long as the blue sky shines, the ever calming breeze flows and the nature teems and throbs with life around us we should never give up hope. Let us sail along with, and embrace the uncertainty, the uncertainty– that has the power to toss us, in to, more alertness and awareness and from this sprouts ‘creativity’. So no turning back plan, dream and go ahead. The month of May has been observed as the ‘Mental Health Month’: so we have in this issue, ways to plug in back, mentor’s answers and overcoming of the entrepreneurial blues. As Payal Nanjiani, our cover personality emphasizes, no matter what the economy is, take care of your root and discover success.

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