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Allyson Felix is an American athlete, a six-time Olympic gold medalist and an 11-time world champion who stood up for maternity rights and fought against Nike to secure maternity protections. She accused Nike of being unsupportive to pregnant women and new mothers. Nike declined her request regarding no financial punishment if performance standards could not be maintained during her early motherhood period. Nike has offered her a 70% pay cut in her contract and failed to address the maternity protections she requested in the contract.She took a bold step and left Nike. She joined a women-focused cloth brand and later started her own shoe and lifestyle brand named ‘Saysh’
She is encouraged by the replies she receives from other women in her advocacy work on maternity protections and maternal health care. She is also the perfect example of women who build their career along with their maternal responsibilities. On a daily basis, she tries to be fair to herself while she navigates parenting during a historically difficult period.
Allyson emulates Maa Katyayani, the sixth avatar of Goddess Durga. Ancient texts depict that Goddess Parvati took the form of Goddess Katyayani to kill and destroy the demon king Mahishasur. Also known as the warrior goddess, she symbolises intelligence. Allyson stood strong for women’s maternity rights and fought Nike very fiercely. She is a perfect combination of fearlessness and intelligence to not just reclaim her rights but also come victorious!

Written By-

Tanisha Kushwaha
Masters in Political Science IGNOU