5 Mental Health Apps You Need To Use To Take Care Of Yourself


Mental health is such a topic that doesn’t deserve any kind of discussions according to traditional Indian households. In a recent survey by The National Mental Health Survey of India, it is found that 1 in 20 people in India suffer from depression. According to WHO, “the economic loss due to mental health conditions, between 2012-2030, is estimated at USD 1.03 trillion.” Hence, it’s quite evident that it is time to take care of our mental wellbeing along with our physical health. 

With the advancement of technology, nowadays we can take care of our mental health just by pressing a few buttons on our phones. However, while using these apps one needs to keep in mind that these apps cannot substitute a trained counsellor. If one faces severe depression or anxiety, it’s advised to see a therapist. 


This all-time favourite app is great for meditations. Their guided meditations range from 3 to 25 minutes to suit any schedule. You can also opt for sleep stories, narrated by Kate Winslet, Lucy Liu, Harry Styles for sound sleep. Also, they’ve a huge music library to help you calm and meditate.

2. I Am – Daily Affirmations 

Recommended by model Bella Hadid, this app helps you to get out of a negative mindset and try out new positive affirmations by building self-esteem and eliminating negative thought patterns. 

3. Happify

Unlike other apps, Happify uses games to boost your mood. The activities in this app are developed with positive psychology techniques so that you can cope with stress as well as help in fueling career success. 

4. Headspace

In this app, you’ll find standalone meditations as well as longer courses to tackle dealing with distractions, coping with cravings, among other things. 

5. Being – My Mental Health Friend

This therapy app provides you with mini-habit tracker, music therapy, and advice from trained therapists. Moreover, it helps to deal with mental and emotional struggle. 

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