Agnize The Thinking Process; Recognize your thoughts… 


Every action we take forward begins from the miraculous ‘thinking’ process. We understand, interpret, create & recreate the world around us through the thinking process. The concepts and images are designed exclusively for the mind by the thought process. Acquiring a thorough understanding about the ‘thoughts’ helps filter it into a rational and precise process.

Enhancing the thought clarity

How can we develop a logical, sensible, and clear thought pattern?

  • Attending to situational cues

Attend a stimulus with a completely focused mind, understand the situational aspects in order to relate, add, reject the thought process.

  • Be motivated to develop knowledge

Developing knowledge and understanding about things happening around, through valid information is the key to logical thought process. This helps in avoiding biases and stereotypes. 

  • Logical versus emotional thinking

A question often arises is whether the thought process should be logical or emotional. A balance of both the thought patterns could be the best fit. Too much of logical-pattern thinking might end up in an apathetic response, and overly emotional thinking can drive off the reasoning capacity. A harmony of logical and emotional thought patterns can facilitate a proper thinking process.

           Removing the barriers in the thinking process

       Humans take-in loads of information every second and it is imperative to be conscious of the barriers that interrupt  a normal thought process. 

  • Eliminate the biased and prejudiced thought pattern . Use the reasoning ability to substantiate the understanding about a concern
  • Check the emotionality; under or over emotional patterns curtile clear and appropriate thought processes.
  • Avoid ‘tunnel vision’; stop looking at things in only one angle, have varied perspectives without narrowing the wide range of possibilities for  a concern. Check for various reasons, sources, angles etc.
  • Check out the authenticity of information received. People may persuade others and impose their belief system, ideologies etc on others. Try making a broad and open minded thinking system.
  • A peaceful mind is  a prerequisite for an error-free thinking process. It’s said that never make decisions during highly emotional situations. Keep up the mind in a balanced state , a conflicted mind can elicit distorted thought patterns.

In a way, it’s the thoughts which decide the behavioral attributes of an individual. A positive, lucid and diligent thought process paves a way towards an accurate behavioral upshot. Make the mind a ‘haven’ so that the thoughts can be sieved by itself and flow flawlessly.


Consultant Counseling Psychologist

Certified psychological trainer-mentor, well-being, art & color therapist.