50-Year-Old Woman Bungee Jumps 23 Times In An Hour To Break World Record


A new world record has been created by 50-year-old Linda Potgieter who bungee jumped 23 times in an hour. According to the Guinness World Record, Potgieter broke the record for most bungee jumps in one hour outdoors (20+ metre cord).

The record-breaking jump took place on South Africa’s highest bridge, Bloukrans Bridge, which is 216 m (708 ft) above Bloukrans River. This record was previously held by fellow South African Veronica Dean, who bungee jumped 19 times at the same location 19 years ago.

While preparing for the record-breaking attempt, she took the help of coach Eugene Eloff who implemented a strict training regime that would help boost Linda’s fitness. While the adventurous sport might not look like much of a physically demanding sport, doing it for a whole hour requires a lot of core strength and cardiovascular fitness.

On the day of Potgieter’s official attempt, she stepped off the platform and hurtled towards the river below with her arms spread like an eagle and that’s when her one-hour timer began. She was then quickly winched back up and she continued with her jumps.

A few jumps later, she started to tire, however, she was determined to break the previous record and she continued with her jumps. By the time she completed her 19th jump, she could barely stand but she continued.

Potgieter completed her 23rd jump with just over a minute to spare. “All glory goes to my God. It’s because of him. Thank you to my husband and my kids. I’m just grateful. I need to puke in a minute,” said an exhausted Potgieter.

The official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre said, “It was really the epitome of record-breaking. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I think this record might have reached its peak now. It’s going to be really, really tricky to see it beaten.”

Credits: Times Now

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