Akshata Murthy – More Than Just A Wife Of British Prime Minister


Akshata Narayan Murthy is an Indian heritor, businessperson, tailor, and plunger based mainly within the UK, who is married to Rishi Sunak, the Conservative Party’s leader within the UK. 

Apart from the identity of Akshata Murty being the female offspring of Narayana Murthy, the founding father of the Indian global data technology company Infosys, Murthy is one of the directors at the British menswear brand New & Lingwood and Digme Fitness, a pay-as-you-go gym chain. Apart from this, she is also a director at the UK offshoot of Catamaran Ventures, founded by Sunak and Murthy in 2013, and provides funding to startups across asset classes. She currently owns 0.93% or 3.89 crore shares in Infosys and receives dividends from the IT services major. “She earned Rs 126.61 crore or $15.3 million in dividend income in 2022 from her shareholding in the IT bellwether,” according to the company’s filings with the stock exchanges.

Akshata attended the university grad school of Business in Calif., the Fashion Institute of style and selling in Calif., and Claremont McKenna faculty in Calif. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political economy and French, a certificate in attire-producing Technology, and a Master of Business Administration.

In 2007, Akshata began operating as the selling director for Tendris, a Dutch cleantech company. She remained there for 2 years before beginning her wear line. In 2013, she joined the board of administrators of sailboat Venture, the business she and her husband Rishi Sunak co-founded. Since 2015, she has invested in Wendy’s in Asian countries, Koro Kids, and Digme Fitness. Additionally, she oversees Digme Fitness as a director.

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