88-year-old Grandma Makes Pickles to Raise Funds for the Poor, Feeds 65000 Hungry People


Delhi-based Usha Gupta runs ‘Pickled With Love’, a business venture that sells delicious pickles and chutneys to raise funds for the poor.

Amidst the second wave of COVID-19, Delhi based Usha Gupta and her husband was admitted to the hospital with COVID. And after three weeks of battle with the disease, Usha lost her life partner who was by her side for 63 years. But Usha did not let grief get the better of her. She wanted to do something for the people affected by the pandemic.

So with the help of her granddaughter, she started her own business ‘Pickled With Love’ in which she made homemade pickles and chutneys. Her granddaughter helped her with the packaging and labelling of the products, and Usha did all the production. Be it ordering fresh ingredients or preparing the masalas from the scratch, she worked tirelessly. Even when age-related problems troubled her, she did not give up. And her efforts paid off beautifully.

In the first month of the business itself, she received 200 orders and as time went on she began to receive more orders. People kept coming back for more of her tasty pickles and chutneys. Her best-sellers are mixed pickles and tamarind chutneys. And Usha Gupta used all the money she got to serve the poor people. Today, she has fed over 65000 poor and hungry people on the roadside.

Even now, Usha spends her whole day making pickles and chutneys, and the profit she receives by selling these goes for various causes that benefit a lot of poor people. Usha says that her husband always said that ‘whatever you do, pursue it with passion’, and that she is simply abiding by that. 

Credits: The Better India

-Staff Reporter

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