How unemployment in the US drove this young woman entrepreneur to start an experiential learning platform


Founded by Priyanka Botny, Bengaluru-based Playonomics is an online experiential learning platform for employees to improve their emotional intelligence.

In pursuit of a better life Priyanka Botny, had moved to the US. However, she could not start a proper career due to her visa issues. But soon after she started her venture named Playomomics — an online experiential learning platform for employees to improve their emotional intelligence.

“Often companies focus on IT infrastructure and less prominence is given to employees’ emotions and how it impacts their daily lives and decision-making process. We help in bringing that intelligence to build emotional skills, along with digital transformation at organizations,” Priyanka explains in an interview with HerStory.

Playonomics was started in Santa Clara, California, in 2014. But it was registered as a Bengaluru-based startup in April 2021. Between 2014 ad 2021, Playonimics had to encounter various challenges including having to research the subject it focuses on.

Talking about the simplicity of Playonomics’ product, Priyanka explains, “It helps employees go through mock experiences, where Playonomics provides feedback about their emotional skills using human raw data with the help of AI and ML models. We collect human interaction data from the number of experiences employees participate in and measure their skill level to deliver a report on their emotional quotient.”

“Our primary research is in decision-making for employees and integrating human emotions into the digital transformation journey of a corporate. We have an in-house tech architecture team, outsourcing the development work and patenting the AI and ML models,” she adds.

Playonomics follows a B2C business model, where employees need to participate in experiences and unlock skills. Its B2B model is based on the number of employees per company. While the B2C MVP data is easily available and analyzed by the expert product using AI models, the B2B product requires high-security infrastructure as it can be implemented with or without IT integration, she says.

The company plans to integrate human emotions into the digital transformation process in the future and according to Priyanka how well they do this determines their success criteria.  

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