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Would you resign from the job that paid you handsomely, for opening your startup?

Shaziya U. was working in the corporate world for 17 years before she founded Upciclo. Having worked
in Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Goldman Sachs, she pivoted to Upciclo. Upciclo was born
two and half years ago with the motive of reforming gifting practices and making them environment-friendly. Upciclo stands for ‘upgrading the cycle’.

Shaziya associated the term “sustainable gifting” with the foundations of Upciclo. “We humans are
misusing the resources endowed to us. The selfish approach of self-consumerism shall leave our world
impoverished”, sighed Shazia. This line of thought is manifested in the existence of Upciclo. This venture
deals in corporate gifting and wholesale products. The products are free from plastic, the chief nonbiodegradable ingredient responsible for filling dumping grounds and many diseases. The products do not utilize wood – as chopping trees leads to deforestation.

The items are curated with indigenous art forms to create state-of-the-art products. Upciclo has products ranging from water bottles made of bamboo, pencil stand made of paper- mache, handbags made of recycled denim, copper gifting hampers, coffee stands made be tree cork, pen stand made of seeds, and a lot more. The team pays attention to details and delivers quality in an eco-friendly way. The products are made up of sustainable materials in their entirety.

Shaziya says the journey has been welcoming and smooth because of the generous support received
from her family. “My family always supported my decision and believed in the potential that lies within
me. They encouraged me to aspire for more and give my best.” On the professional front, challenges as
small as unexpected leave of the delivery boy are encountered often, chuckled Shazia. Upciclo is
associated with Pracol and offers a range of products to choose from.

Women like Shazia are shaping the future of entrepreneurship. Running a progressive business keeping
in mind, our social responsibility towards our planet Earth is the need of the hour.
Support Upciclo and show your love for mother earth by making a purchase now:

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