Bending and breaking the mores- Anindita Mazumder

Anindita Mazumdar

It’s not uncommon to hear about people leaving their successful corporate careers to pursue their own startup ventures, and Anindita Mazumdar is no exception. Originally from Hyderabad, she made the decision to leave her highly esteemed corporate job, which she had served for over fifteen years, to build her own startup.

There is always a quest between choosing a job or starting a business. Everyone is not made for a job and not everyone can run a business. Anindita worked in investment banking which gave her a successful career, but she always wanted to do something on her own and after a heavily invested period of fifteen years, she decided to open her startup “Anindita Art Creations- A one-stop shop for creative home décor and gift items”.

Anindita Art Creations deals in home décor and corporate gifting and delivers art-based workshops for corporate employees and students. Anindita is an artist and art therapist, she designs soothing and creative art pieces. “Art always fascinated me and gave me satisfaction. I listened to my inner calling for art and embarked on this journey”, said Anindita.

Her decision was not supported by her family members, withdrawal from a successful position and stepping into a risky and uncertain venture is bound to call rejection. Anindita understood the concern of her loved ones but she also had faith in her skill and was firm in her decision.  

She worked on her passion and started to design items, each artwork she did fill her with immense happiness and calmness. The experience in corporate helped her in engaging with clients and get orders. The post-purchase experience was remarkable. People would love her work and give more orders.

Within a short span of time, Anindita has bagged international offers and is exporting the products to a few countries now. Anindita has collaborated with a number of art houses and gives workshops on therapeutic art, especially mandala art. She has taken successful workshops in companies such as PW, Times Of India, and Verizon. Now her family members respect her decision and show full support and love. Anindita admires her mother for being her strength in this journey.

Anindita believes in her products, their process, and their healing abilities. “Some of our products have a monopoly in the market. People understand the quality of the products and come back asking for new arrivals and make more orders”, says Anindita proudly. Each product is an experience in itself, their durability and captivity are incredible. Currently, Anindita Art Creations houses products such as paintings, wall clocks, photo frames, resin products, fridge magnets, and many more. Anindita is a prayojika in Pracol and markets her products on Pracol shop.

Anindita leads a small team of four people that specializes in key aspects and she is planning to onboard more talented people. The team is working relentlessly to expand the business and convert it into a household name in gifting and home décor. Show your support for Anindita Art Creations by gifting yourself a beautiful experience now.

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