The law of conformity has propagated its roots everywhere, and Fashion is not spared either. We are part of a society that dictates what to wear and what not to wear depending on our age. But is that hypothesis still valid?  Age is just a state of consciousness, that lures us into believing to be a certain way. Nevertheless, clothing for your age is a very different discussion now since we have defied characteristics like color, gender, and others for so long. I’ve never been a supporter of instructing people on what and how to dress. It’s more about confidence, choice, and comfort. The stereotype of age-biased fashion still permeates the collective human mind, but the idea of dressing according to age varies from person to person, fostering individualism.

Developing your style and dressing how you want to is the only idea involved. Style is timeless, so with every wrinkle in your body update your style to look cooler. Go for that hot pink or that muted sage green, the choice is yours, know what flatters you and you’re all set to sashay down the street.

We have been focusing a lot on Gen Z but the baby boomers are also bringing the style surge to a whole new level. Women are proving that aging doesn’t mean you have to stop adding that extra frill and flair to your style, thanks to social media. Iris Apfel, a very well-known fashion icon who recently turned 100, has been boldly displaying her style for many years. Her  

colorful wardrobe choices and an age-defying sense of fashion keep her at the forefront of the conversation. Influencers like Grece Ghanem, Moon Lee, Maya Musk, and many others are ideal inspirations showing the world that age is just a number.

Taking into account various viewpoints that matter to people, some want to break the stigma of dressing a specific way, while some feel a tiny “how to dress manual” may make them wonderful. Everything boils down to feeling good, and happy, and being yourself unapologetically.

Devanshi Doshi is a fashion designer/illustrator and a fashion writer. She also helps brands create a brand identity.

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