powerfull expression

No is a very powerful expression, provided if one knows how, when, where to express it. I called it powerful because it gives the person the right to reject. May it be the rejection of a person, an act, a date, a thing, a career, a meet, a relation or it could be anything one wishes.

Right to reject is not only about rejecting anything which one feels uncomfortable with, but most importantly it enables the person to choose how they want to be treated, what they want to do, to whom they want to interact with etc. Despite its advantages, saying No is often less preferred, fearing its effects.

It is because the society is not yet comfortable to receive No, particularly from the women, as it is seen as an act of offense and disrespectful treatment. So it is quite natural that many of us still feel uneasy and unpleasant while both saying and receiving No.Why? Because we all are tuned to listen to Yes more often than No. 

In practice, One might say Yes in subservience, compliance or hesitation unlike saying No, where saying No actually requires more thought, honesty and courage than to say Yes. Despite knowing this, people often try their very best to change the opinion from No to YES, either by convincing or by force, by doing so they feel as conquerors and as justice keepers.

One thing that should be made clear is No means No, whereas there might be a chance of changing the decision of YES to No, but once a decision of No is arrived at, one should either acknowledge that behind that there went a lot of thinking or one can just try to convince over changing their opinion, but one does not have a right to change their opinion by force or to illtreat a person who said No, mentally or physically.

To the one who says No, understand that it is okay to say No and to the ones who receive it, the polite acceptance of the honest No is always recomendable than to expect subservient Yes. 

Anusha Pappala

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