At age 50 this Woman Entrepreneur Launched a Wellness Brand


At the age of 50, Archna Soni, along with her son Dr Ujjwal Soni, started Ashvatha, a brand that offers natural, herbal, and Ayurvedic products based on traditional recipes in a contemporary way.

Archana Soni had always been enthusiastic about making Ayurvedic superfoods and herbal mixes for her family and friends.

She was born and brought up in Delhi and did her MA in Mathematics. After marriage, she moved to Panipat. Her husband was a doctor. She was always so particular about her family’s health. Her children were picky eaters and hence she tried to substitute their nutrition with ayurvedic and herbal superfoods that are not only healthy but also delicious. She was making these superfoods for her friends and family and used to get regular orders from her acquaintances.

That was when Archana’s doctor son Ujjwal noticed his mother’s talents. He asked her to make her products available to the general public by converting them into a business venture. They started the brand Archana Foods in 2020 and it was later converted into Ashvatha.

Ashavatha is a brand that offers ayurvedic superfoods and herbal mixes that can be used in day-to-day life. Currently, their products include Ashvatha Chai Masala, Ashvatha Turmeric Latte, Ashvatha Milk Booster,  Ashvatha Detox Kadha, and Ashvatha Herbal Subji Masala.

As a D2C brand, Ashvatha products are available on its own e-commerce store as well as listed on all major marketplaces like Amazon Launchpad, Flipkart, Bigbasket, DrinksDeli, OneGreen, etc

Earlier it was Archana only who was doing all the manufacturing and packing of the products. Now she has employed four other women from marginalised sections of the society to help her. They are not only creating the superfood but also empowering women by providing them with work.

The raw materials are brought directly from the farmers in Meghalaya and Kerala. The raw spices and herbs are then processed by the women employees in its facility in Panipat, Haryana. Each product is formulated according to its respective recipe.

They had started this company with a revenue of Rs 5 lakh, but the company had closed around Rs 30 lakh in revenue in December 2021. This year the company is hoping to clock Rs 80 lakh in revenue. 

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