Extrovert and introvert. Extraversion and introversion concept - silhouettes of two human heads with an abstract image of emotions inside and outside. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style on white background

The definition of introvert safe is a person who is dominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. An introvert is believed to be a shy person. On the other hand, the definition of an extrovert and outgoing socially confident person. In the early 90’s the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung introduced extrovert and introvert terms in order to describe personality types that focus a person’s energy on either the inner or outer world.

You might see an introvert as a shy person who might not like going outside who is not talkative and many more. These are certain signs through which you can identify an introvert. On the other hand, you might see an extrovert as a talkative person who loves to go out and enjoy with friends. These are certain signs through which we can identify an extrovert. As you can see there are differences in these personality types. You are right.

These types of people we see in our day-to-day life. There are differences in people in terms of their behavior, thoughts and what not. We all are uniquely different from each other in a way. It is totally fine. We all are not the same. We all need to understand this. For situations that we go through in our day-to-day life, everyone will not behave the same as you. The approach introverts and extroverts use in day-to-day life can be different. In fact, the choices can be different. Because they are different. We should never judge people according to their personality type. In terms of introverts and extroverts, no one is superior to another. They are equally important.

Introverts and extroverts have special characteristics which make them special. If you see an introvert not talking to others then it doesn’t mean that they are less confident. In the same way if you see an extrovert talking too much with even strangers it doesn’t mean that they are stupid. We do what seems comfortable to us. We should never try to be others. We should be proud of our personality type. We should be our own type. We should give and respect others who may not belong to our personality type.

Written By- Pranali Mahindrakar

Student of BSc. CS, Pune.

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