Austrian Activist Marlene Engelhorn Donates $27M Inheritance

Marlene Engelhorn's $27M Donation
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Marlene Engelhorn, a prominent Austrian-German activist and journalist born in 1992, has gained recognition for her advocacy in inheritance tax reform and LGBTQ+ rights. Holding a background in German language and literature from the University of Vienna, Engelhorn is notably the founder of Tax Me Now, a movement dedicated to lobbying for higher taxes on the wealthy.

At the age of 32, Engelhorn has made a significant decision to relinquish her $27 million inheritance. This bold move aligns with her steadfast dedication to combatting wealth inequality, reflecting her belief that wealth should not be determined by birthright but by one’s contributions to society.

Engelhorn’s plan for redistributing her inheritance involves the formation of a “Good Council for Redistribution.” This council, consisting of 50 individuals from diverse demographics, will oversee the responsible allocation of funds. To ensure representation, 10,000 addresses in Austria have been randomly selected to invite applications for council membership. Selected members will be tasked with guiding the redistribution process towards initiatives promoting wealth redistribution and societal well-being.

Her motivation for giving away her inheritance is rooted in her conviction that society should not define individuals by their birthright but rather by their actions and contributions. Engelhorn believes that wealth should be used to benefit society as a whole, rather than being hoarded by a select few.

The guidelines set by the council ensure that the allocated funds are utilized responsibly. Activities deemed inhumane or unconstitutional are strictly prohibited, as are donations to profit organizations. Instead, the focus will be on supporting initiatives that align with the overarching goal of wealth redistribution and fostering a more equitable society.

Marlene Engelhorn’s decision to donate her inheritance not only reflects her personal values but also serves as a catalyst for societal change. By taking this bold step, she sets an example for others to follow in the fight against wealth inequality.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The shethepeople

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