When She writer Chandrama Majumdar says “writing for SheSight empowers one to pen their pain and sword down the archaic slogans of Toxic positivity”, intensity and zest glow in her words.

Writing for SheSight Magazine has never been more cathartic. It is a platform designed to galvanize, hearten, and elevate women in aliveness and beyond. It carries stories of her, by her, for everyone! It stimulates our brain, opens our eyes, and strengthens the feeling of sisterhood.

A true sisterhood not only celebrates happy times but also supports and comforts during tough times. And that is exactly what SheSight offers through its inestimable and worthwhile content.

With a mission to embolden and promote the visibility of aspiring woman wordsmiths, SheSight is accepting submissions now! We are growing, and we are doing so leaps and bounds!

“I am extremely happy to be a part of this wonderful team. SheSight magazine, run exclusively by an all-women team is a source of inspiration and motivation to many. I Feel privileged to associate with SheSight magazine as a She writer”, says Manju Malathy, our SME for the Higher Education segment.

“I like to be a part of SheSight because I love the magazine and the strong woman force behind it. Each one in the team is inspiring and is doing a great job”, says Sandhya Naren, our She writer for the Finance segment.

There are things you already love doing and then there are things you discover that you love doing! Well, I say if you love us, chances are good that you can write for us.

What skills do you need? If you can express your philosophy, inform your reader, persuade your reader, or create a literary work, SheSight is the right platform to do so.

Here’s what Neelofer Amreen Hilal, who gives us tips on Life hacks has to say- “Considering SheSight is a women’s magazine that is a conglomerate of women’s thoughts and experiences from all walks of life, it is an honor to be a part of these voices in this shared space that SheSight team has created for all women.”

” It’s been a fabulous opportunity to write for SheSight. I appreciate the thought behind the magazine and am proud to be associated with it. Kudos to SheSight team.”, says feminist she writer Sajitha Rasheed.

“I am extremely delighted and honored to be a part of the She sight family. Thank you so much She sight for giving a voice to my thoughts.“, adds She writer for Diet and nutrition, Meena Chug.

She writers, to the wordsmith in you, thank you for the wholesomeness you bring to SheSight.

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