Breakthrough Prize Winner: Bengaluru Teen’s Video on Reversing Cellular Ageing

Reversing cellular ageing
Image courtesy: The Print

Inspiration from Family: Bengaluru student Sia Godika, 17, won $400k Breakthrough Prize for her video on reversing cellular ageing, inspired by her grandparents battling cancer.

The Winning Video: Sia’s video explains pluripotent stem cells’ role in reversing cellular ageing, earning her the Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize and acclaim.

Acknowledgement and Recognition: Sia’s achievement includes a $250k college scholarship, $50k for her teacher, and $100k for her school’s science lab, with the honor shared at an upcoming ceremony.

Motivation and Determination: Driven by her family’s struggle, Sia is committed to contributing to research that can prevent debilitating diseases through reversing cellular ageing.

Scientific Breakthrough: Sia’s video, titled ‘Yamanaka Factors,’ explores Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka’s discoveries, revealing the potential to rejuvenate adult cells.

Significance of the Discovery: Yamanaka’s breakthrough in inducing pluripotent stem cells offers promising implications for treating degenerative diseases, challenging previous notions of cell irreversibility.

Yamanaka’s Response: Shinya Yamanaka commends Sia’s video for creatively explaining his work and encourages her to continue her journey in the life sciences.

About the Competition: The Breakthrough Junior Challenge, founded by Yuri Milner and others, aims to foster interest in STEM fields and support future scientists worldwide.

Global Participation and Impact: With over 2,400 submissions from 100+ countries, the competition educates and inspires millions worldwide through engaging science communication.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Print

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