Indian Women Officers Shine at Riyadh Defence Show

Indian Women Officers
Image courtesy: Bhaskar News

Tri-Service Women Represent India

Indian women officers from the Tri-Service are currently showcasing the nation’s prowess at the World Defence Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Prime Minister’s Vision of Nari Shakti

Their participation underscores the Prime Minister’s vision of harnessing the strength and capabilities of women across various sectors.

Diverse Representation at WDS 2024

Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, Colonel Ponung Doming, and Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash are representing the Armed Forces at WDS 2024.

Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth’s Inspiring Journey

Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, an Indian Air Force fighter pilot, shared her journey and insights on leadership at the seminar.

Colonel Ponung Doming’s Groundbreaking Achievements

Colonel Ponung Doming, the first woman officer to command the world’s highest Border Task Force, showcased her remarkable achievements.

Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash’s Maritime Expertise

Lieutenant Commander Annu Prakash highlighted the crucial role of women in maritime security and operations, fostering collaboration between nations.

Testament to Women’s Growing Role in Defence

Their participation at WDS 2024 is a testament to the increasing role of Indian women in the defence sector.

Inspiring Future Generations

The trio will deliver an inspirational talk to 600 school children in Riyadh, showcasing the talents and leadership skills of Indian women.

Platform for Showcasing Leadership

This event serves as a platform to inspire future generations and demonstrate the capabilities of Indian women in uniform.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Bhaskar News

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