Choco Muffins


1.Wheat flour – 2 cups

2.Coco powder-1/2 cup

3.Baking powder- ½ teaspoon

4. Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon

5.Sugar powdered -1 cup

6.Vegetable oil-3/4 Cup

7.Milk – ½ Cup

8.Salt – A pinch


1. Combine the wheat flour with the rest of the ingredients.

2. Mix the batter well using a beater.

3. If the batter is thick, add a little milk and bring the consistency into idli batter.

4.Now take an idli maker, and grease the idli slots with ghee and pour the batter to the 3/4th of each slot.

5. Steam it for 10 to 15 min. Check whether the cakes are done using a toothpick or knife.

Fluffy, Yummy and healthy Choco muffins are ready in a jiffy !



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